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M3U8 segmenter is an Apple HTTP Live Segmenter. It takes an MPEG-TS stream from a tool like ffmpeg and breaks it up into multiple ts-segments suitable for HTTP Live streaming from devices like iPhones. It also creates the M3U8 stream descriptor which is required for this type of stream.


On Ubuntu/Debian

apt-get install m3u8-segmenter

Note: m3u8-segmenter hasn’t quite made it’s way into Debian/Ubuntu yet. Until then you will need to add the PPA first. You can do this by doing the following first.

apt-add-repository ppa:johnf-inodes/m3u8-segmenter
aptitude update

See the instructions in the README for details on how to install from source.

m3u8-segmenter has only been tested on Linux distributions, however it should work on any platform that is supported by libav/ffmpeg.


How does it work? Check the README.

Having problems? Report a bug.

Wanna help out? Download the source.

M3U8 Sgmenter GPL Licensed.